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Website Maintenance

There are more than 1 trillion websites online. The most fundamental approach in defining them divides them into two types - static and dynamic. Static are the outdated pages of purely presentational nature. Their owners cannot change their functions, appearance or content. Dynamic websites, such as WordPress websites, have an administration panel that allows management, control and improvement of content 24 hours a day.

Why do WordPress websites need maintenance?

WordPress website are a typical representative of dynamic pages. However, your work on it doesn't end with its creation. On the contrary - it becomes the foundation of your business development. Without the necessary professional support, you will quickly lose the investment you have made, as well as the goals set as potential revenue, increase your online reputation and popularity among your target audience. 

Omtego offers a reliable and secure service for maintaining websites of all types. We can take on the task of managing your page's operational action flows, as well as monitoring in real-time for any technical faults and fixing them as quickly as possible. For this purpose, we have highly qualified specialists with extensive experience in the field and high motivation for a fulfilling job. 

What does Omtego's website maintenance service include?


Trust the Omtego team for comprehensive technical and operational support for your WordPress website. In return, we'll guarantee timely completion of all necessary actions to ensure its safety, functionality, and flawless appearance. 

Contact us to specify in detail the package of services you want to receive for quality and 24-hour support of your page. 

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